Thursday, 10:45 am — 11:45 am

Collaborative Learning Sessions

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Sessions repeat at 2:45 pm

Columbus GH-IJ

How Women Rise: Breaking Habits that Hold You Back

Author Sally Helgesen (How Women Rise, written with executive coach Marshall Goldsmith) explores the 12 habits most likely to undermine women as they rise in their organizations. Each habit is tied to a strength — and most serve women well early in their careers. But these same behaviors can undermine women as they assume greater responsibility and move to higher levels. In this session, you’ll identify the specific habits holding you back, learn how these habits can hinder you as you rise and develop simple behavioral tweaks to become a better leader, hold yourself accountable and help other women rise.

Consultant and Author

Columbus KL

How to Land It

The founder of a technology platform designed to engage women and help enterprises attract and retain diverse talent reviews the tools, resources and connections you need to advance your career. You’ll discover how to align your career with your passions and gifts, navigate the new rules of self-promotion to strengthen your reputation and create a personalized playbook to achieve your potential and change your career trajectory — starting today.

Founder and CEO

Columbus AB-CD

Deep Down: From Communication to Connection

Clear communication is not enough to get results — you must connect if you are going to impact others. In this session, you’ll learn communication skills that drive productivity, engagement and collaboration. You’ll explore strategies to influence others and overcome conflict in a respectful, personal way, examine the role of human connection in driving business results and learn to communicate caringly without sacrificing authenticity.

Speak Your Truth Inc.

Columbus E-F

Humble Brag: Millennials Are Your Greatest Asset

Leverage your Millennial talent to impact business results through agile, innovative and authentic work environments. In this session, you’ll learn what Millennials really want and how they can contribute to your teams and organization. Explore the largest generation in the workforce through data and personal stories and leave with actionable insights to unlock emerging talent and create loyal relationships.

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Nestlé Purina PetCare
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Hormel Foods
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